Crux is becoming XTDB!

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JDBC Nodes

Crux nodes can use JDBC databases to store their transaction logs and document stores.

Local Cluster Mode

JDBC Nodes use next.jdbc internally and pass through the relevant configuration options that you can find here.

Below is the minimal configuration you will need:

Table 1. Minimal JDBC Configuration
Property Description


One of: postgresql, oracle, mysql, h2, sqlite


Database Name

Depending on the type of JDBC database used, you may also need some of the following properties:

Table 2. Other JDBC Properties
Property Description


Database Host


Database Username


Database Password

Project Dependencies

  juxt/crux-core {:mvn/version "20.09-1.11.0-beta"}
  juxt/crux-jdbc {:mvn/version "20.09-1.11.0-beta"}

Getting started

Use the API to start a JDBC node, configuring it with the required parameters:

(defn start-jdbc-node []
  (crux/start-node {:crux.node/topology '[crux.jdbc/topology]
                    :crux.jdbc/dbtype "postgresql"
                    :crux.jdbc/dbname "cruxdb"
                    :crux.jdbc/host "<host>"
                    :crux.jdbc/user "<user>"
                    :crux.jdbc/password "<password>"}))