Crux is becoming XTDB!

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LMDB is a drop-in module for Crux’s primary kv-store.

LMDB tends to provide faster queries than RocksDB in exchange for a slower ingest rate.

Project Dependency

  juxt/crux-lmdb {:mvn/version "20.09-1.11.0-alpha"}

Starting a node using LMDB

(defn start-lmdb-node [storage-dir]
  (crux/start-node {:crux.node/topology '[crux.standalone/topology
                    :crux.standalone/event-log-kv-store 'crux.kv.lmdb/kv
                    :crux.standalone/event-log-dir (io/file storage-dir "event-log")
                    :crux.kv/db-dir (io/file storage-dir "indexes")}))